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‘Blessed One’ by Shiva Fragrance

Experience the peace and purity of the orient with this unique blend of pure, concentrated fragrance oils. I absolutely love to wear this fragrance on days when I want to relax yet still smell alluring to people I might meet.

This carefully crafted oil blends frankincense, lotus blossom, black opium, teakwood, and some other touches of magic.

Oil types and benefits

  • *Frankincense is a scent used since the ancient times for removing negative energies, meditation, and for blessings. The color connection is blue. Use with Lapis Lazuli. Connected to the 3rd eye chakra.
  • *Lotus Blossom is a soft floral scent with a woody undertone that creates a serene effect. The color connection is pink. Use with rose quartz. Connected to the crown chakra.
  • *Black Opium oil is a musk with an exotic undertone. It helps give this fragrance blend some sex appeal. The color connection is black. Use with Onyx or obsidian to create a soothing feeling. Connected to the root chakra .
  • *Teakwood oil┬áhas a very earthy aroma. In this blend, it helps balance the aromas, strengthen independence, and bring upon grounding energy. Use with citrine crystals to strengthen your sense of well-being, joy, success, and creativity.

Here is a little bit about the oils that we use:

  • Shivas Fragrance oils are vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.
  • We only use premium grade fragrance oils.
  • Our oils are highly concentrated, phthalate-free.
  • 100% PURE – no additives, fillers, bases, alcohol, base oils, or carriers added.

How to use Shivas fragrances

  • Use our oil blends for aromatherapy, skin healing or for everyday wear.
  • First try applying small amounts and then increase as desired. A little goes a long way! Our oils are not diluted like perfumes. Over applying concentrated oils can cause eye or skin discomfort.
  • Our oil suppliers are adept at capturing the pure essence of a flower, herb, root, tree, shrub, resin or leaves of living botanicals to create a wide variety of fragrances.
  • Egypt Genie Blown Glass Perfume Bottles.

    • Every handcrafted vial is unique.
    • Made with real gold
    • Heirloom quality at an affordable price.
    • Our gorgeous glass genie bottles are hand-blown by skilled Egyptian craftsmen.
    • Available in multiple color combinations including red, green, gold, blue, and purple.
    • These elegant vials are carefully packed and wrapped in safe, secure and convenient packaging.
    • Comes in a gorgeous Sheer Mesh Bag( 2.75X3.54 Inch ).
    • Excellent addition for your Egyptian Perfume Bottle collection.

    Cylindrical Glass Bottles

    These are standard 10 ml roll-on bottles with black caps. They are made using high quality, clear glass.
    Perfect for travel and conveniently fits in your purse.
    Each bottle comes in its own safe, secure, and convenient packaging.

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